About Topspin Computers

Stan Nelson founded Topspin Computers in 1985 because he wanted to help maverick business owners succeed in business on their own terms. Off the shelf software just doesn't address many industries' needs, and his programming talent allowed him to build software suites that became the foundation of these clients' future success.

Topspin has grown and evolved alongside those clients, adding web development and additional capabilities that allows our customers to implement changes instantaneously. Fast deployment means maintaining a competitive edge. Eliminating problems. Innovating new solutions.

All the while, we've maintained a reputation for integrity, reliability and superior customer service. We put these things first, because our customers are the most important building block of our business. We never forget that. As our customer, neither will you. We put these innovative solutions in customers' hands for a fraction of what they would pay elsewhere. After all, what's the best software in the world worth if you can't afford it?